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Lunch Hour


First Name

A few pages from a great ace attorney fancomic. Calling someone by their first name in Japanese is a rather intimate thing to do if you aren't that familiar with someone, so this comic is about breaking that barrier between the two characters. (2021)

happy new year

Page from a personal comic about quarantine - 2020


A page from my personal comic (2020)

Oldbags Zine

Oldbags Zine is a digital zine centering the older characters of the Ace Attorney franchise. Getting older is seen as something scary to a lot of people, so my motivation was to make a zine to highlight older people having fun in the sun and being celebrated. With 50 pages of works from over 25 contributors; artists and writers.This is a non-professional and non-official fanzine produced by me as the solo moderator. I was responsibile for the overal lay-out, promotion and graphic design, as well as making illustrations such as the cover.Available at


Preuvenemint is an annual food festival that takes place in the city centre of Maastricht where people around the Netherlands gather to taste various foods from around the world. These are designs and concepts I did for the posters and cards.

Grannie & Mia

Game art, UI design elements, including character, object and background design work done. Grannie and Mia is a Mobile Puzzle Game, as a simple an challenge game for all age groups. You match various pairs of to solve the puzzle. It is currently available on Google Play store for all android platforms.

Buurt Perspectieven

Illustrating and designing a series of flyers and posters for GebrokerBos.


Dutch-Indonesian freelance illustrator based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.I focus on (cover) illustration and colours for books, novels, etc. For my personal work, I draw fanart and original work inspired by my favourite video games, films, and various other forms media that I enjoy. Past clients include Scholastic.For work inquiries and a full resume
[email protected]